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Krasnodar region, Novorossiysk city, 211, Dzerzhinsky Avenue, enclosure 2, letter P

About company

LLC «Formart Metal» ın Novorossiysk – ıs one of Russia’s first manufactureres of aluminum spacer bar for double-glazed wındows since 2010.

It is not a secret, that quality of the spacer bar ınfluences to rigidity of the double-glazed wındow and its ability to withstand various kinds of stress as a primary frame, heat-insulating properties, the absence of condensation, and thus increases the exploitation term of double-glazed wındows which you install. In Russia there are a lot of companies, large wholesalers of building materials, installers of wındows, for whıch the highest quality of the spacer bar is very important. We propose to start cooperation on a constant contract basis, have established us as a stable and reliable partner, shipping large volumes of products as soon as possible throughout the territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

Production of aluminum spacer bar — a very laborious process that requires the availability of specialized certified Italian equipment, high level of professionalism and strict control at all stages of production. These components ensure the stable quality of each party, its compliance to the quality control system. In our factory two production lines, allowing fulfill large volumes of orders in the shortest possible time with the fastest possible delivery.

Regarding price and quality, our spacer bar – is a guarantee of reliability and prosperity of your business.

Our advantages:

  • own production — high quality and reasonable prices;
  • cooperation on a constant contract basis;
  • bonuses for customers — large wholesalers of building materials and installers of double-glazed wındows;
  • easy payment system;
  • fast delivery and production of aluminum spacer bar in any volume.

Call us now, we will be glad to cooperate with your company. Convenience, comfort and good relations with our partners are very important for us.

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